Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Turkish delight!

Eureka Turkish Infantry, nice posses and paint up well. The only negative is the thin tip to the rifles that breaks off easily.

A trench catapult I scratch built out of balsa and card stock. Figures are Eureka. Mainly to be used in Galipoli games.

Snipers - Minifig figures.

I redid my Turkish officers SerpuĊŸ. After reading this article,
,I repainted them all grey with a red top.
I have one more infantry platoon, artillery limbers and another 10.5 How to paint up and I will be done. I have pulled out my Arabs and ALH and started preping them for paint.


Frank said...

They're coming along nicely, Chris. Well done. Keep us posted.


mrfarrow2u said...

Nice figures, Eureka Figures do look nice. I fancy some of their Aussie Light Horse.

All the Best

Chris said...

MrF - I have a whole slew of Eureka ALH waiting to be based and painted. They are very nice like their Johnny Turks.
Worth the price!


Scott Pasha said...

Looks great Chris. Keep 'em coming. What front are you planning for again? Palestine?
Scott Pasha

Chris said...

Yes, at the moment I am going to build an Arab army and an ALH to fight the Turks. This should allow me to game the al-Hejaz and Palestine.