Friday, June 27, 2008

Asian village

Timecast makes some of the best miniature buildings and when I saw these in their South East Asian line I had to have them. They work well for when I pull my 6mm Japanese WWII army out to battle my friends US or my British. These are of the older basing style but I have no intention of updating. I looked at what GHQ had to offer and while they offer some really nice stuff I was not impresed with there Vietnam buildings. The idea is to represent an normal village that I could use in WWII and Vietnam. The boat shed and net drying racks are for when it is placed near a river. I opted not to use the fisherman's house that came in that set. I just could not come up with a good mounting. The palm trees are made in the GHQ fashion.

North African Village

This is my North African village. It is created from ODGW Tiny Terrain miniatures which are no longer available. I scratch built the well/fountain, inspired by a scene in the movie "Patton". I also added a few items to the buildings, stairs, dome and awning. These buildings are nice and were inexpensive. The palm trees were created using the GHQ method.

La Haye Sainte?

This is my version of the famous Waterloo farm house. It is a combination of JR Miniatures and QHG items and I think it came out fairly well. The main house and the walls are GHQ and the barns are JR. I based it on card, which I have considered doing over on mdf, and not of any standard size. It is larger than usable for our DBN games but works well for FOW in 6mm. If I do rebase it I will probably make the trees in the orchard removable. It is very limited in space for troops.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Why am I starting a blog that focuses on wargame terrain, especially 6mm (1/285, 1/300) scale? Well, I enjoy gaming and creating terrain at this scale. I have also found that there are a number of small manufactures of quality terrain that many people do not know about. Most do not have pictures of the products and like any normal consumer; I like to see what I am getting for my money. I plan on doing reviews, how to's and of course lots of pictures. So to get started here are a few older pictures of some Normandy terrain. I have since decided to change my building basing to the 3x3 Spearhead standard so you will see this village again but in a differnet config.
I prefer to create modular terrain so that I can use it in a variety of ways but want it to look pleasant. I am not a fan of the plan square felt patches.
I generally game DBA (in 15mm at the moment but 6mm some time soon), DBN (same, 15mm but want to do 6mm soon and am very inspired by the other bloggers that I will list later), Flames of War (in 6mm!), FOW1918 (this is a varient of FOW that I started and have worked on with the Yahoo group, game it in 15mm) and ModernFOW (another varient, 6mm).