Sunday, January 31, 2010

More progress on the EW project.

I am getting more and more excited about gaming 1914. I really feel this is where the rules and game will shine. I have started to collect scenarios and modify them to FOW1918. I am concentrating on the BEF retreat at the moment since they are ready for the game table.

Above are a few objectives I created for the 1914 games. Very generic but would be fine in an open field or abandoned village.

This is a half troop of German Hussars (Minifig). I modeled the officer after a picture I found of the Totenkopf Hussars. I also did their penants in black. Not sure if it is 100% accurate but I think they look cool. Sorry the pictures are not that great, they look much better in person.

Now if I could just get my Germans back from the painter!
Next up are a full troop of British Guard Cavalry (Minifig). I just stripped them of their previous paint job and should be to work on them soon. Another batch of German Cav (Peter Pig) are in the stripping soak tub at the moment.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flee market time!

I am posting a few extras I have For Sale. All are of an average to low paint level but good enough to game with. If interested let me know, prices are negotiable. Shipping will by via USPS.

Irregular Miniatures EW French gun crew, 14 figures $7.00
Minifig LW German Infantry, 11 stands (30 figures) $15.00

Peter Pig HMG teams, 12 figures, $6.00
Peter Pig British EW HQ stands, 8 figures with tables and acc. $5.00

Minifig crews, Peter Pig 18pdrs, 3 guns and crews $10.00

Irregular Miniatures EW British gun crews, 12 figs, $6.00

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

German Limbers

Artillery limbers are not something that we get excited about. They are only on the table for a short time if at all but they represent an important piece of the game, especially in EW.

I was never really happy with how my LW limbers turned out. I did them with one pair of horses on a medium base. It just looked insufficient in the way it did not match up with the gun base and was not strong enough looking.

Actual limbers had six horses as pictured above.

I considered making custom bases. Long enough to hold all six horses and the gun would have been really cool but instead I went with what I had to save money and time. I mounted them on a large base which had room for four horses. It matches up with the gun base and looks strong enough. I need to create a mounted command team so the unit can have mounted and dismounted pieces.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

EW British Cavalry

I just finished touching up and rebasing some Peter Pig EW cavalry mounted and dismounted.
Most were from the collection I purchased but I had to order a mounted command pack and used an artillery crew and some Minifig horses for the dismounted stand.
It is only a half a troop so I would like to finish it off sometime in the future. I have a full troops worth of the Minifig Guard Cav figures that I will rebase sometime soon.

The Peter Pig figures are very nice and paint up easily. I wish the paint job was better on these but will do.
There is a really nice article on the British cav on the Renegade Miniatures site -
I am really looking forward to gaming the EW period, if I could just get my Germans back from the painter.

Adding a little variety to my British infantry company

To give my games a little more flavor I have created two new company command teams.

The first is a Scottish Lowland command. Many of the Lowland units wore the same uniform as the regular British so the infantry are fine. The Scottish get the Bagpipe rule so the 2IC needs to have a bagpipe. The 2IC and CO are wearing Glengarrys.

The second command team is Australian. The uniform is again as the regular British. Here the 2IC and CO along with a rifleman are wearing a slouch hat. updated 1/4/2010

I also plan on using my British as Canadians but you don't need to do any modeling mods.

Here are a few links for sources.