Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bedu seen on the horizon!

It has been some time since a post. With my spring bicycle racing, family and work I have still been doing a little painting. One of the things that I managed to finish was some Minifig Bedouins with rifles and swords. They are not my favorite figures, I think the camels look a little odd and the riders don't seem to fit just right but after painting they actually tunred out okay. I modified the flag figure to represent Lawerence. I painted them up per a nice print in the Osprey book THE ARAB REVOLT 1916-18 depicting the capture of Aqaba with the Howeitat tribe. I plan on using them as his body guard. I may get another pack and have them as an additional tribe.

In FOW1918, Lawerence is an optional hero. I think he will make an interesting figure in the game.
The rest of my Arabs will be Old Glory Colonial ANSAR figures also pulling duty with PITS.

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