Friday, April 17, 2009

Inspiration and PITS ramble

In my search for 15mm Arab figures to create my FOW1918 Arab Revolt army; I have come across a number of European colonial themes. This has sparked an interest in something that I have intentionally strayed from. I remember my first Airfix FFL figures and how much they conjured up day dreams of sand dune deserts and wild lands. My friends never caught that interest, all being big into BIG tanks, so on to WWII. With the search for the correct Arabs, I found that most figures available are of the Dervish style and only a few of the al-Hejaz regions flowing garb. I will create a post later discussing the actual figures and which I will be using. In researching what these other figures should look like I got into the late British colonial period. I found some other blogs on the period and then came across PITS. Patrols in the Sudan is a set of rules based on the company level, perfect crossover for FOW1918. I borrowed a copy from Harry and skimmed them over. Looks like a smashing good time! (in my best victorian English accent) So one thing leads to another and I am skimming the 'free' movies On Demand and come across the 1939 version of The Four Feathers. How timely! I vaguely remember the 2002 version with Heath Ledger and decided I would give this one a look. It was great! The Dervish & Fuzzy Wuzzies looked as I found in my research. The huge sweeping desert scenes are right up there with Lawrence of Arabia. (another must see, inspiring movie) This has motivated me to push harder on my painting projects so that the gaming can commence. At the moment I have a little more to do on my Turks and I have started on the Arabs. My FOW1918 Arabs will look a lot like Dervish but I will explain that in a later post. I plan on trying these two armies out with both FOW1918 and PITS. May even try a combination of the two. Then I plan to move right into a colonial Anglo-Egyptian army and some Fuzzy Wuzzies. I love saying that!

Here is a link on the 1939 movie -

the 2002 movie -


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Scott Pasha said...

I love that film!
"Here I was, (thumping down the Pineapple) at the head of the 60th..."
One of the great colonial themed films. Also another PitS suitable film is the Lost Patrol by John Ford. Good luck!
Scott Pasha