Thursday, April 30, 2009

Going over the top

What is a WWI gamer without his own set of trenches?
I had created trenches a year or two ago but they were very blah and I think if the terrain is blah the game is more than likely to be blah.
Well, I got side tracked, not sure how or why, from my ME project these past few weeks and started looking at the trench battle side of FOW1918. I purchased a copy of "Through the Mud and Blood" to see how they handled a few things that I thought were week in FOW1918. This with some discussions with Robert Dunlop (GWSH designer and historian) and I think we are on our way, just some play testing.
Back to the terrain, I started looking for pictures of other peoples trench terrain and actual photos. I modified my existing pieces. I think the angle pieces make a big difference. The sand bags are modeling clay and the metal sheets are some plastic sheet I got at the local train store supported by small dowels (logs). The actual trench is made from foam cut on my table saw (very messy).

One of my inspirations was this from
I think it makes a big difference.

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