Friday, June 11, 2010

New European terrain

I acquired some new terrain for my FOW1918/FOW WWII games. I am not sure of the manufacture(s) but I like the sizing and look of the buildings. They should do nicely as a French/Belgian village in 1914 and in 1940.

The bridge and stone walls in the above picture are from JR Miniatures. They make some very nice products and I have number of their destroyed buildings.

Here some 1914 German Uhlans move down the empty main street. The villagers have fled or are in hiding. Notice the cart on the left loaded up but left.

The buildings came painted (not very well) so I touched them up a little.
I have pulled the 1914 German Infantry out (I was going to send them out to be painted but...) and will start working on them. I will try to keep the interruptions to a minimum so that I can finally get a 1914 game in in 2010. ;-)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade (CMMGB) late 1918

This is my CMMGB FOW1918 force. It was created using the Minifig Generic truck, Model T truck, some extra US HMG figures, a few PP head swaps and some scratch built Mortars.
The Model T's being the command element.

The Newton mortars mounted in their lorries.
I tried to make them as modular as possible so the trucks could be used of other purposes. Each mortar/HMG section is mounted on a metal base that fits into the truck bed. The command units have a crate. I plan on working out an extension on the canvas bed cover so they just set in the bed securely.

One of the Machine Gun sections. When dismounted I will just remove the figures from the bed and replace with the normal HMG stand.

The intel is on the FOW1918 Yahoo group and covers the other options available for the force (bicycle inf., cav, a/c, artillery, etc.) and includes a list of sources.
It is truly a mobile force but very vulnerable in the unarmored trucks.
The Fighting Withdraw scenario (Germans defending in 'open' terrain) will be the most appropriate for this force in the last 100 days.
I hope to game them soon!