Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wings of War meets Flames of War (1918)

In gaming FOW1918 I have created a number of armies and was wanting to build air support for each. I found the metal models in 1/144 scale at first but then I came across the Wings of War prepainted models. For about the same price I did not have to assemble and paint those little buggers. The line is limited but expanding and the game is a blast so I highly recommend it to any WWI gamer.
In FOW you can only get a maximum of three planes so that is what I started to collect. I decided I wanted them to be all form the same squadron so it has actually lead to researching the airwar and really finding some neat stuff. I have started a few Jastas and plan on rounding them out with a few more planes.

My first squadron is of course Jasta 11 (Spring 1918) part of JG1 'Richthofen's Flying Circus'

Then I started Jasta 15 (late 1918).

Here they are ganging up on two US spotter planes.

I will post more photos and detail on these later.

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