Sunday, October 19, 2008

Small modeling to WoW

I have made a few little modeling modifications to my Wings of War gaming to make it a bit more eye appealing. The first is making smoke markers out of foam rubber. I cut the general shape, cut a slit to slide over the lower wing and then rough it up by pulling small bits off.

The second is to make an angled altitude peg. It allows for banking to either side, climbing and descending. Take two of the clear pegs provided with the models. Cut one in half straight across and the other in about a 45 degree angle. Swap them and glue together. You end up with two angled pegs.


Angiolillo said...

Very easy and very smart trick!
The repaints are also very nice.
Keep up the nice work and please keep on updating us too!

Andrea Angiolino

Dogui said...

Very nice.