Friday, October 24, 2008

Sneak peak at WoW series 3 planes

Here are a few pics of some of the Series 3 planes.
They are due out in November and will give use FOW1918 players some Austro-Hungarian Air support and the Nieuports can be modified to Italians.

Nieuport 17 (Lufberythenault)
Nieuport 17 (Nungesser)
Nieuport 23 (Kibanov)
Albatros D.iii (Brumowski)
Albatros D.iii (Hautzmayer)
Albatros D.iii (Voss)
Ufag C.i (Flick 23/d)
Ufag C.i (Luftfahrtruppen 1)
Ufag C.i (Luftfahrtruppen 2)
RAF R.e.8 (Longton & Carson)
RAF R.e.8 (Ferguson & Fry)
RAF R.e.8 (Aviation Militaire)

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Here is a picture of the Peter Pig WoW pilots. I really want to get my hands on some of these!

This picture is property of Peter Pig.


dmchodge said...

I've got some of the Peter Pig Pilots, they're excellent.

Pics on my blog at

They look a hundred times better than the misshapened lumps in the WOW Series 2 and I'm very sad to see there's more blobs in Series 3.

Those things are worse than nothing and make it difficult to put in anything else.

Peter M. said...

DMC did you find the WoW pilots hard to extract? They are plastic and soft enough that I would think a sharp tool could remove them. The Peter Pig pilots do look nice!

dmchodge said...

They were not that hard to remove, I just chopped off the bit of blob that's meant as a head then used three drills, small to give me a guide then two larger ones.

Sometimes a bit of work with an Exacto knife was needed to get rid of them finally.

The difficult bit was avoiding damage to the rest of the plane whilst doing the drilling and I had to reglue a couple of undercarraiges that broke off and also repaint scratched bits around the cockpit area.

I got the hang of it eventually and did much less damage as time went on.