Monday, April 4, 2011

Losing focus but gaining an army

 I started this year with a list of projects and was hoping to stick to it. Well, that didn't last long. I wan digging through the bins of figures I have and came across some 25mm Romans. When I opened the shop I had taken a few stands and rebased and touched them up to make a demo DBA army. They are RAFM historical figures which we can call old school style. So I did five stand and five stands of some Old Glory Celts (more on them later). They never really got used so they were put away and kinda forgotten. So I am looking at the bin of figs and decide that I don't need all of them, seventy some painted green, yellow and blue. I pull the blue ones, rebase and touch them up as Aux, four stands. The others are in the case at the store for sale. This gives me four Blade, a Blade general and the four Auxilia. Not much more and I have an army. I find two cav that will work as Light Horse, so I ordered the artillery piece (using some extra figs as crew) and Cav from RAFM to finish it up. They are not great but a decent gaming quality and I think it will make a great army for a better visual game. The camp is very simple and generic, works for me.

The RAFM figs are not that bad. They have separate heads and weapons so you can personalize them. They are the older chunky style but still not bad. For the Aux I removed any plum form the helm to give them a different from the Blade along with the different base and staggered line basing.

Once the Cav and Art come in I will paint them up and will be done. I will post a pic of the complete army then.

As for the Celts, I have decided to do them up as a British Amry so I have a matched pair. Since I have a ton of Old Glory figs I will not need to buy anything for them but it will be a total Warband army. I do have enough cavalry to give them two light horse to add a little something different. These will take a little longer as I have to strip the figs (ghastly paint job) and repaint them.

I am still working on my FoW - EW, MW and LW but slowly and my WWI figures have been calling my name lately ...

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