Friday, April 8, 2011

Early Germans II/47 not British

Well I was wrong in my last post. The barbarian army I am building are actually going to be Early German not British as I had noted in my last post. I have decided to go with three figs on the 4Wb (20mm) stand. Putting four of these guys on a stand would be really crowded and I don't think it would look as good. I will be able to build the A, B, D, F & G lists when I am done but for the moment I am going to focus on the G list.  This army is to be a matched pair for the Romans so I will only focus on those lists.
II/47 Early German 115BC - 250AD

a) Cimbri & Teutones(113-102BC) - 1x3Cv(Gen), 1x3Cv, 9x4Wb, 1x2Ps

b) Ariovistus (58BC) - 1x4Wb(Gen), 2x3Cv, 8x4Wb, 1x2Ps

c) Batavi Rebellion (69AD) - 1x3Cv(Gen), 2x4Aux, 8x3Wb, 1x2Ps

d) Other Batavi - 1x3Cv(Gen), 9x4Wb, 2x2Ps

e) Cherusci - 1x3Cv or 3Wb(Gen), 9x3Wb, 2x2Ps

f) Tencerti - 1x3Cv or 4Wb(Gen), 1x2Lh, 9x4Wb, 1x2Ps

g) Others - 1x3Cv or 4Wb(Gen), 10x4Wb, 1x2Ps

Red indicates enemies to the Roman army II/56.

This is what they looked like when I got them. Some still do.


This is after a Simple Green soak and a wire brush.

This is them in all their glory! Not the best pic, still trying to figure this camera out. I will post pictures of my finished army hopefully soon.


I have ordered some shield decals and am waiting to see how they will work.

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Frank said...

They're looking good, Chris. Well done!