Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Early Germans core army finished

 I finished my core stands for the Early German army. It is 1- 4Wb(Gen), 10 - 4Wb & 1 - 2Ps. As I noted in my previous post, I based three figures instead of four on the 4WB base size. I could not see mounting four. It would be to crowded. I enjoyed doing the guys and I really like the poses. The shields are okay, I wish I could free hand scrolls better but...

For their camp I mounted up an Ox cart. I think it will work fine. I left room for a stand to be placed on it. In the future if I find some camp followers I will add them.

I plan on doing the following options for this army - 1 - 3Cv (Gen), 1 - 3Cv, 1 - 2Lh and 1 - 2Ps. I have one more stand for my Romans, 1 3Cv, and the core of both armies will be done and I can start gaming with them.

The pics still are not great, need to work with this camera some more.


Frank said...

I think they came out great, Chris. As for shields, I think we gamers expect too much from them. Remember, these were mainly free hand painted or stenciled back in the day. I don't think they had Picasso or Rembrandt doing the painting. I like it when they are not perfect - just like mine! Well done.

Chris said...

Thanks Frank, I agree that they would not be prefect but I think they would be better than what I did. I will live with them for now. On to the Cav (Gen), Cav, Lh and Ps options.