Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WoW future releases news!

From: http://merlindex.free.fr/spip/index.php

Wings of War Miniatures série 4 :
Pfalz D.III
Breguet 14
Rumpler C.IV-C.VII
Wings of War Miniatures série 5 :
Morane Saulnier N
Fokker E.III
Airco DH.2
Halberstadt D.III
Wings of War Miniatures séries 6 :
Hanriot HD.1 ( ?)
Sopwith Triplane ( ?)

These are some great releases and I am especially looking forward to the early planes in Series 5. No idea on the actual in-store date but probably not till mid/late 2009. Worth the wait!

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