Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lieutenant Werner Steinhauser joins Jasta 11

It has come to my attention that my re-paint is incorrect. Steinhauser's plane with the red band and yellow Xs did not have the yellow with red lines tail. His later plane that had a yellow band with red Xs had the tail depicted here and with Baltic corsses. I have painted over the horizontal tail section in camo green so that it is correct. 01/17/2009

Continuing my repaints of Jasta 11 in the Spring of 1918; I have added Lieutenant Werner Steinhauser. Steinhauser joined Jasta 11 at the end of 1917. He scored ten victories before he was killed in action in his DR.I over Neuilly in June of 1918.

I used the WoW Fokker Dr I (Rahn) WW07L model. The pilot is a Reviresco. I really enjoyed the painting and think it turned out okay even with my shaky hand.
There is question about the paint job on his plane. Some have it as a red strip with yellow Xs and others the reverse, yellow strip with red Xs. I used the Osprey JG1 book print as a reference.

"Richtofen's Circus' Jagdeschwader Nr 1, Aviation Elite Series, Osprey Publishing, Greg VanWyngarden 2004

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Frank said...

Well done Chris. I like it. Keep those reinforcements coming to replace all the losses Barker inflicted on you. :)

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