Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jasta 12, Albatros D.V, late 1917

It has come to my attention that my Tutschek is more than likely wrong. A print showing his DV as having green/purple wings, black fuselage and regular white edged Maltese crosses was posted on the WoW Yahoo group. I will repaint and decal the model and post a picture soon. 01/21/09

Jasta 12 was one of the highest scoring Staffeln during "Bloody April" 1917. The unit markings while under Adolf von Tutschek were a black rear fuselage and tail.

These are to represent mid to late 1917. I used the WoW Albatros D.Va (Jentsch) WW07I model.

Ltn Viktor Schobinger


Obltn Adolf Ritter von Tutschek

(I am still looking for proof that he flew an all black D.V. He did fly a D.III so it is possible.)

The crosses are I-94 decals and the pilots are Reviresco.

They will make some nice 1917 air support for my FOW1918 Germans.


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