Monday, December 29, 2008

The Scoop on Series 4 WWI WoW

This was on the WoW Yahoo group from one of the creators, Andrea Angiolino.
"The next release is going to be the DoW WWII series 1 planes then Balloon Buster will follow. That's the kit with Ni.16 with rockets and balloon, 2 different color schemes. Prototyping is closing in these days, production will start just after WWII Series 1 I guess.Then Series 4 will follow. It should include R.A.F. SE5a, Pfalz D.III - D.IIIa, Breguet BR.14 B2 and Rumpler C.IV-VII,. with 3 color schemes each - some of them colorful indeed. Again, two Allied and two German planes, one fighter and one two-seater each."

In the repaint world-
Dom's Decals releases Jasta 37 decals (Albatros D.V) and is working on sheets for the Series III Nieuport 17 and Series II RFC Snipes.

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