Friday, December 19, 2008

Reviresco Fighter Pilots Review

I was not able to make Fall-In this year but a friend went and picked up a pack of Reviresco Fighter Pilots for me.

The packing notes 30 figures but I ended up with more. I got 26 pilots, 5 observer rings, 10 observer/tail gunners 'German' and 6 observers/tail gunners with dual Lewis guns for a total of 47 figures. Some of the figures had a lot of flash and a few of the empty observer rings were in poor shape but overall most were okay. The pilots are fine, nice detail for 1/144. The observer/tail gunner 'German' (that is my title) is nice and looks to have a MG08/15 type gun but the observer/tail gunner with dual Lewis gun is only fair. Not sure how many planes I will actually be able to use him for. I may try converting him into a single Lewis.

The pilots paint up nicely but will not fit as-is into the WoW planes. They will not fit at all into the SPAD and I am still trying to figure out how I am going to get them into the Sopwith. The upper wing is in the way.

For the Dr1 you just need to cut the pilot at the waist and fit him in. For any of the series II and III planes you will need to remove the blob of a pilot. This is a touchy procedure. Kinda like playing the kids game operation, don't touch the sides.
I cut the top off, hand drilled a small hole in the center and then used my Dremel with a bigger bit to get the bulk out. I still chipped some paint so from now on I will do this prior to re-painting.

For the price it is not bad and if you do not have a lot of planes may be worth getting a friend to split it with you. If all you use are the pilots they come to about .32 cents. Not a bad price to not have pilotless planes.

I am still hoping to get my hands on some of the Peter Pig models in the future and will compare them.

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