Monday, December 29, 2008


I just finished my LW French Infantry Company with the completion of the last platoon and the addition of air support. The French are a very interesting army to game with in FOW1918. They have a mix of weapons in a platoon, rifle teams, Chauchat teams, bomber teams and VB teams.

I will probably add some Chauchat teams to the CO HQ and build a Trench Mortar Battery in the future.

My French sniper patiently waiting for that target of opportunity.

The French tanks are an interesting lot. The early models were pretty much junk but can be fun to game. Minifigs makes the Schneider 1917 (above) and the Saint Chamond M16 (below)along with the FT-17. This is a chance to do some very interesting camo schemes.

For more info on the French tanks check out Landships -

For air support I went with the WoW SPAD XIII. It is to represent the famous Escadrille les Cigognes, Group de Combat 12, Spa103 'Storkes' with Fonck. They will also be great taking on Jasta 11, 15 and the others in WoW.

I was asked to add a few close-up shots of the infantry so here you go.

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Frank said...

Well done, Chris. Now only if you could fly them! Hope to game again soon. Maybe after the New Year? Til then, good luck and have fun!