Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Z scale model RR products

Model railroad Z scale products are an option to add detail to your 6mm terrain.
Z scale is 1:220 which is a tad bit bigger than 1:285, 1:300. The items above are from a resent order. They are Micro Structures Phone Booth kit, Chain Link Security Fence, Split Rail Fence and Privacy Fence and Noch Asphalt Road.
The Phone booth kit contains two models and are of the US style. I plan on modifying them to a more Euro style (German) and using them for some modern terrain.
The split rail and privacy fencing kits come with about 30 inches of fencing and the chain link security fence about 15 inches. The one thing I did not like was that the privacy fence was only etched on one side. The road is a tape very similar to masking tape and is very flexible to make curves and bends. I plan on making a full on German Autobahn and a number of smaller roads with it in the future. It comes in 1 meter lengths so I will need to obtain more. I will have to do a price comparison of the split rail fence with other varieties available to see if it is a good buy but it is very nice. Z scale products are not as popular in the US as they are in Europe and the buildings them selves are very expensive. Check with your local RR hobby shop or of course the web.


Christian said...

Where did you get the road tape? Ive tried everywhere in the UK and noone seems to sell it.

Chris said...

I actually got it off ebay but then found a US website that had it for a little less but requires a $50.00 minimum order. You can try but I suspect it would be cheaper to find a main land euro connection.


Christian said...

Found some from this place

Different company, but looks the same stuff.