Friday, June 27, 2008

Asian village

Timecast makes some of the best miniature buildings and when I saw these in their South East Asian line I had to have them. They work well for when I pull my 6mm Japanese WWII army out to battle my friends US or my British. These are of the older basing style but I have no intention of updating. I looked at what GHQ had to offer and while they offer some really nice stuff I was not impresed with there Vietnam buildings. The idea is to represent an normal village that I could use in WWII and Vietnam. The boat shed and net drying racks are for when it is placed near a river. I opted not to use the fisherman's house that came in that set. I just could not come up with a good mounting. The palm trees are made in the GHQ fashion.

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Donogh McCarthy said...

I have these timecast buildings as well - they do paint up very well indeed, and while I've only used them for WWII in the Pacific, they'll do well enough for Vietnam or Medieval Japan (at a stretch)