Monday, January 24, 2011

Warhammer HYW/WOR Song of Drums and Shakos

Here are a few pics of my latest Warhammer Fantasy Bretonnians. I plan on using the archers and billmen for HYW/WOR 28mm DBA in the future.

Seven ranks of five billmen with full command and a knight. I am hoping this dept will allow them to stay on the table longer.

A GW Damsel, not a fan of Magic but I am finding it is an important part of the game. I am planning on using her more for defence from Magic than actually attacking with it, more because I am up to speed on the Magic phase. I left her eyes all white as if she was going into a trance.

GW Trebuchet, I am not a fan of the crew though they did paint up nicely. The peasants are made to be such dregs of the earth and not my cup of tea.

Song of Drums and Shakos is a skirmish level Napoleonics rule set that I just recently discovered. I have played it twice now using my ACW figs and really am enjoying it. I just got a copy of the 61/65 ACW company level rules that have the details on playing ACW with SDS (only a few rule changes).
I plan on writing a number of scenarios for the Mosby raids and doing some Peninsular War.

I have started on some terrain for this and will have pictures in my next post along with some more Bretonnian archers.

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