Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 goals

For 2011 I have made a few personal hobby goals and I want to post them up to maybe help me stay on track and get a few projects completed. These are for me compared to my business (Huzzah Hobbies) goals.

First off is to blog more often. I would like to post at a minimum once a month but hopefully more often.

Next is a list of projects. Each is rated by priority (1-5, 1 being high) and percentage complete.

1914 German Inf. Co.  45%   3
1914 British Cav. Sq.  80%    4
1917 Arabs                 50%    2

French Tank Co.         90%    1
German Tank Co.       85%     1
(the EW Escalation at the store should help with this)

Bretonnians                 75%     1
(the league is helping with this)
This is a little outside my normal historical realm but I plan on using a majority of the figures for historical games)

28mm Skirmish
Napoleonics               0%        3
ACW                       90%        2
Have started to play with Songs of Drums & Shakos

I try to get a few minutes of painting in every other day or so. This does not seem like much but after a while it starts to add up.

Currently on the table is a Brettonian Trebuchet about 75% complete. It is needed for the next pts game so I will focus on it till finished. Then I have some men at arms and archers for the next pts step.


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Frank said...

Good luck with the goals. I set a few for myself as well. I noticed your loooong term WWI project has slipped on the priority list. Didn't see any "pulp" or SciFi skirmishing on the list. With the new game out (forgot name) I thought you'd jump into that. See you soon. Franko