Friday, October 30, 2009

The Arabs gain some LMGs

I guess I am pretty motivated. Tonight I created two LMG teams for my Arab Irregulars.

I started out with the lying down shooting Arab and the British Yoemanry Hotchkiss Gun team from Minifig.

For the Lewis Gun, I removed it from a Battlefront SAS figure and grafted it into the arms of the Arab. His companion just has his rifle removed. I may try to find a Lewis Gun drum or two for him.
The Hotchkiss gun was pretty straight forward.

I think they look smashing! Just waiting for the putty and glue to dry and then off to painting.

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mrfarrow2u said...

Nice work mate, we need to get those 'fiddly type' figures sorted for our Arab WW1 Army as well. We've got enough mounted Arabs, we just need the dismounted, firing types. Grrrr! So much to do with so little time!

Keep up the good work!
MrF, Jack & Amy