Saturday, March 21, 2009

Progress on the Middle East project - Turks

I just finsihed my Arab Turks platoon which will also be my Arab Turkish cavalry dismounted. The only Arab Turk infantry figures I can find are made by QRF. They are a bit crude but actually paint up okay and will do the job. I need to finish two more regular infantry platoons, two snipers and a trench catapult. I have decided to do a some Galipolli as I build up myMiddle East armies.

Turkish Artillery, I need to get one more Peter Pig German 105 How and some BF limbers to finish them.

Middle East objective - Peter Pig Camel caravan from the Colonial range.

QRF Arab Turks

Minifigs Arab Turkish cavalry - They list them as Syrian. Most of the Arabs in Turkish service were from what we would know as Syria and Iran.

Now off to paint some ALH dismounted so we can game Galipolli next.


mrfarrow2u said...

Very nice indeed!

We've got some WW1 Turks waiting to be based,so I'll be interested how your project goes.

All the Best

Chris said...

I have a mix of manufactures. I prefer the Eureka ones but they only have a few poses. The Minifig have some nice ones in there bombers pack. The QRF are my least fav but they are the only Arab Turk foot available (they can also be used as Arab Irregulars which I will probably do a platoon). One nice thing about Turks is they are the smae for the whole war so oonce they are done I can game them in mutiple theaters.
I can't wait to see how your DBx WWI turns out.