Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cold Wars 2009 AAR

Last weekend was the HMGS East convention Cold Wars in Lancaster. PA.

I went up Friday morning and stayed till Saturday afternoon and had a blast the whole time.

First thing Friday morning I attended a sculpting class for beginners. There were only four of us in the class and the sculptor, Don Goddard, was very informative on all aspects. It is not easy making clay do what you want. Practice, practice, practice!

I then wondered the Dealer area a bit checking out possible future buys and grabbed something to eat before setting up for the first of two FOW1918 games I was hosting.

The Friday game was the Cambrai, Day Two game I have hosted at other conventions.

It is a general Hold the line scenario but the objective area is a destroyed town. I had three players how up. not sure what happened to the fourth because it did sell out. I was busy reffing and forgot to take notes and only got a few pictures. The three players enjoyed the game but the British were overly cautious and failed in there mission.

One of the only times the RFC made it to the board but they were very effective in intercepting the German air support.

After the FOW1918 game I got in a Trench Wars game. It was a Boer War variant and we had over ten players. The table and figures were very nice but the game was very slow and I ended up talking more with the other players then actually gaming. I would like to try a true trench battle with the rules before I complete my judgement of them.
I had hoped to get in on the DBA Midnight Madness game but the Trench Wars game ran over and I decided to just get some rest.

Saturday morning, Harry and I got in on the DBN game. There had been a lot of discussion on this game on the Fanaticus forum. Harry and I ended up being French and supporting each others flanks. It was a great time even if my attack was fended off by Bob's Brits.
The Allies

The starting positions
My attack on the left flank

The French (Winners!)
After the DBN I hosted my second FOW1918 game. It was a Fighting Withdraw scenario of the French against a German Stosstrupen. Again I only had three players, not sure what was up with the fourth guy. The German players were fairly new to FOW and so they got beaten pretty badly. I still think the scenario is a good one and will host it for the DAHWGs sometime.
Overall a great time and I look forward the next convention I can make.

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