Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's on the work bench?

Just two shots of the work bench. On the left side (above) are the Turkish waiting to be worked on. It is the QRF Turkish Arab cav dismounted a Bedu camel objective and two artillery limber drivers. The limbers were take back by the Germans (more on that later).

On the right is the transport for my MW/LW Germans, the staff team, another squad of cav and a hospital tent objective. This will finish of my German artillery which I will do a post on when done and up my MW/LW cav to three squads. All in prep for MW Russian Front action. The limbers are all Minifigs but for most of the other nations I will probably go with the Battlefront generic limber as it is much cheaper and they only see the table for a few turns if at all. The Staff team wagon is Battlefront and the Command team mounted is just two left over cav figures. SO the whole battery can be mounted/limbered to go into action.
the Hospital tent objective is a JR miniature Medieval tent with the ruffled sides filled in some with wood glue and a Peter Pig stretcher team. Pretty simple but I think it will look okay.
Yes, that is a British Cav command stand hiding behind the tent. They are actually the artillery mounted command stand. I plan on doing the British Artillery limbers next, after I finish another platoon of Turks.

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