Sunday, May 31, 2009

The little things that can be done.

With my bicycle training hitting its most demanding period and starting a new job I have had very little time for gaming. I did manage to 're-base' my WoW WWI aircraft in the few minutes I could find. It is a really neat way to enhance the gaming with the miniatures but I can not take the credit for it. Harry did something similar for his Check Your Six miniatures.

It is a steel ball hot glued to the stand and a ring magnet glued to the plane. It allows total variance in yaw, pitch and roll of the plane with little effort and it stays in place. It makes a difference when using the miniatures and the plane to plane rule instead of the base for shooting.
Now to just find time to game!


mrfarrow2u said...

Cracking idea mate!

Plus I reckon the company that makes the planes will be 'ponderously stroking their chins' thinking it's a good idea too.... ;o)


Col Hajj said...

Very good idea! Are you on the Wings of War Aerodrome site, ??